Preliminary & Investment Grade Energy Audits

We provide our clients with energy consumption and cost baselines from which Virtellus can identify potential energy conservation measures and other facility operational efficiency improvement opportunities. We investigate and analyze a broad array of systems: Compressed Air, Process Cooling, Process Heating, HVAC, Exhaust/Ventilation, Lighting, Electric Motors & Drives, Energy Management Control Systems, Food Preparation Systems, Water Management, Demand Management, Power Factor, and other resource consuming systems.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive analysis and assessment of all building systems, including energy conservation opportunities, cost savings, CO2 reduction, deferred maintenance issues, code compliance issues, building envelope deficiencies, and other facility infrastructure improvement opportunities.

Investment Incentives

Securing funding for energy projects can be a challenge. We coordinate funding solutions that help our clients implement facility improvements and ongoing facility management strategies with the lowest possible capital expense. We do this by leveraging our understanding of the utility market, identifying available utility rebates, tax incentives, financing alternatives and other accounting related incentives.

Design/Build Turnkey Projects

We offer the expertise and necessary support to coordinate and manage the design and implementation of energy savings projects. By making available the people and project management tools, we ensure our clients the optimum return on their project investment.

We provide clients with on-going measurement and verification support to ensure that optimum savings are achieved as a result of the facility improvement measures implemented. This includes assurance that the energy conservation measures are working, and/or identifies any energy saving shortfalls along with specific strategies to effectively correct any shortfalls.

Energy & Utility Allocation Services

If you are a landlord and pay all of the utility bills at your facility, we can help you allocate the utility costs appropriately to your tenants. Virtellus can design and implement a sub-metering solution or provide periodic energy end-use studies.

Predominant Use Studies

In many states, the energy (electricity, natural gas, propane, other) used for manufacturing may be exempt from sales tax.
We perform Predominate Use Studies that identify the energy used specifically for manufacturing. This study can then be
used to file for sales tax exemption.

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Assessments

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) projects can meet some or all of the electric and thermal energy needs at your facilities. Properly designed CHP systems may be more efficient than electric power plants which can result in a reduction in energy costs and carbon emissions. Virtellus can evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of CHP at your facility and provide turn-key project implementation.


We support our clients with a variety of training services including technical training, operations and maintenance training, and behavioral training. While technical, operations and maintenance training focus on systems and equipment use, behavioral training focuses on the “human” aspects of facility operation. No matter what training is most appropriate for your facility, Virtellus can customize a training program for you to optimize the operating and energy efficiency of your energy consuming systems.

Energy Engineering

Let us leverage our decades of experience by helping you find energy & utility savings opportunities. We will act as an extension of your team to identify, quantify and implement savings measures. Our unique focus is to provide facility auxiliary services at the highest efficiencies and the lowest possible energy cost.